About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah.

Like most other food bloggers, I could tell you all about how I love food. (I do. I really, really do.) But instead, for the sake of transparency, allow me to show you some photos of me eating:

This is the most flattering picture I could find of myself eating.
This is the LEAST flattering picture ever taken of a human being eating (I'm the one on the left).
Convinced? While we're talking photos, allow me to also confess that I have more pictures of food on my camera than of my children....though they are pretty stinkin' adorable:

When my time is not taken up being a stay-at-home mom to these guys, I am pursuing a degree in nutrition/dietetics. I love to cook for my family and friends and am fascinated by all the ways food affects our bodies and our lives. (And in another life, I taught college German.) Sharing recipes and thoughts on this blog has become a real joy for me and I hope you enjoy looking around!

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